An oasis of modern life

The city core of Belgrade has always been in the area of the today’s Dorćol, since the time of old Singidunum.

A new centre of life that transforms the former industrial part of the city into an urban complex on a historic plot of 20,023 m², is proud to be called Novi Dorćol. By preserving parts of the former Platnara administration building to reflect an important part of Belgrade’s urban history, the New Dorcol Project right by the Danube creates a new oasis of high-quality modern life in the heart of the Old Town.

New Dorćol offers residential and business area of approximately 100,000 m2, on a plot of 2 ha. Various facilities will be available in the complex, including a pool with a spa, restaurants, kindergartens, playrooms and many other service and sales facilities.

The location of the Novi Dorćol Complex carries an important industrial heritage. Combining this with modern design in the spirit of famous projects in London and New York, a very attractive concept of a residential and commercial complex is taking shape in the very centre of Belgrade.

Historic building of “Platnara”


Historical context and the industrial heritage is part of the identity of the new location. The centre of the textile industry was established in this place by opening the “First royal privileged company for hemp and cotton processing by Aleksa Obradović and company” in 1897.
After World War II, the complex obtained a new function. The halls were reconstructed and extended, the factory moved from textile to machine industry, and its plants became the famous elevator factory “David Pajić Daka”. Named after one of the prominent heroes of the People’s Liberation War, it is planned to preserve the existing bust of David Pajić from the factory area and to later exhibit it in front of the newly-built complex “Novi Dorćol“.
By keeping the spirit of old Dorćol, through preservation of the historic building of “Platnara” from the end of 19th century and integrating elements of production hall within the new complex, the project preserves heritage of the industrial architecture of the 19th century.

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