Authentic modern life at the core of the Old Town

Inspired by a former industrial quarter of the city, New Dorćol is a synonym for life’s comfort in urban Belgrade.
With a unique combination of sophisticated modern architecture and historical elements from the end of the 19th century and modelled on the global metropolises of New York and London, New Dorćol reflects inspiration and creativity in this central quarter of Belgrade, creating a new oasis of modern, high-quality life in the heart of the Old Town.


In the heart of the old town, near Knez Mihailova street and the National Theatre, a few minutes walk from the Botanical Gardens and Pionir Hall and just a step away from Bajloni market and Bitef Theatre.

Novi Dorćol is surrounded by all the bustle of the city, and yet it lies in an oasis of tranquillity. This is a place where tradition, culture and modern life intertwine.

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Boemska četvrt

5 min


Park kod „Stare Hercegovine“

1 min

Osnovna škola

Osnovna škola Vlada Aksentijević

3 min

Osnovna škola

Osnovna škola Vuk Karadžić

11 min

Srednja škola

Sportska gimnazija

4 min


Pijaca Bajloni

8 min

Bitef teatar

7 min

Botanička bašta

7 min

Srednja škola

Prva beogradska gimnazija

9 min

Osnovna škola

Osnovna škola Skadarlija

9 min

Hala Pionir

21 min

Narodno pozorište

18 min

Knez Mihajlova

Pešačka zona

21 min

The choice of those who know how to choose

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Deka Inženjering is a company established in 2011 with the aim of developing the A Block project, a residential and business complex at one of the most beautiful locations in Novi Beograd. We have provided homes to approximately 1,000 families and made a shopping zone with 70 outlets. Today, Deka Inženjering sets standards of modern life and business.

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Novo radno vreme

Usled velikog interesovanja za stanovima u kompleksu Novi Dorćol, promenili smo radno vreme.

Od sada nas možete posetiti svakog radnog dana  od 08-21h, subotom od 11-21h i nedeljom od 11-15h.

Vidimo se u našem prodajnom salonu, Venizelosova 29

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