Deka Engineering

Deka Engineering is a company established in 2011 with the aim of developing the A Block project, a residential and business complex at one of the most beautiful locations in Novi Beograd. We have provided homes to approximately 1,000 families and made a shopping zone with 70 outlets. Today, Deka Engineering sets standards of modern life and business.
Implementation of the highest engineering and construction standards, eco-friendly materials, unity of the best construction tradition with modern trends and customer focus, are the pillars of Deka Engineering’s development.

Novo radno vreme

Usled velikog interesovanja za stanovima u kompleksu Novi Dorćol, promenili smo radno vreme.

Od sada nas možete posetiti svakog radnog dana  od 08-21h, subotom od 11-21h i nedeljom od 11-15h.

Vidimo se u našem prodajnom salonu, Venizelosova 29

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