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Choose the perfect surface area for your new home

The residential area of the New Dorćol complex is designed to fit various lifestyles, ensuring comfort of life in the urban part of the city, with a sense of privacy and many functionalities. Residential units are structurally divided into areas of various sizes, from one-room to five-room apartments. Modern, comfortable and unique apartments are characterized by modern construction, selection of top-quality material, and a high level of finishing, with a special focus on energy efficiency. We provide comfortable life to future residents in a modern and urban oasis, near the river, within easy rich from the city centre.

Go through an impressive virtual tour of the residential and business complex Novi Dorcol,  see the surroundings of the building and every detail of the exterior. You don’t need to imagine anything through Orbital but you can see everything – every apartment and its proposal for decoration. We have enabled you to see the cross-sections of all floors, as well as the availability of apartments on offer. Experience a new experience in search of your ideal home.

Novi Dorcol showroom

Novo radno vreme

Usled velikog interesovanja za stanovima u kompleksu Novi Dorćol, promenili smo radno vreme.

Od sada nas možete posetiti svakog radnog dana  od 08-20h, subotom od 11-17h

Vidimo se u našem prodajnom salonu, Venizelosova 29

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